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City Hub - Your green connection City Hub - Your green connection

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Why City Hub

  • vinkje Low costs
  • vinkje Always accesible
  • vinkje Logistics organized

Call us: 088 - 24 89 482

Opslagruimte huren

Rent a
storage unit?

Rent a box for temporary storage? City Hub offers high security and flexible local storage.

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Bedrijfsruimte huren

Rent a
business unit?

Need a workshop or office? City Hub offers various workshops and commercial units for rent.

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Groen stadstransport

city transport?

Goods delivered on call at your address? City Hub offers green 'zero-emission' urban transportation.

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City Hubyour hub to town

Voor stadse opslag

For urban

Efficient voorraadbeheer

inventory management

Gecontroleerde goederenstroom

flow of goods

Betaal nooit teveel

Storage does not have to be expensive!

Create a storage plan with your branch manager. He will show you how external storage can increase your revenues.

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City Hubbelieves in smart and green solutions

Noise, emission, traffic. City infrastructures are under pressure and logistics must change. More efficient, more environmental friendly. City Hub believes that is possible and does not necessarily have to be complicated. The smart City Hub approach makes city logistics less expensive and reduces the pressure on city infrastructure at the same time.

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